Friday 14 September 2012

What's The Theme?

Flower Crabs

I was at the wet market early after my morning jog, and saw some of the seafood stalls selling these flower crabs. They are huge and fresh. I bought two and asked the fishmonger for the best way to cook these crabs. Normally,many people would cook it with ginger,garlic,chilli and taucheo. My children do not like fermented beans, so I steamed it with sliced ginger. It took only 15 minutes to cook,the meat is firm and sweet, and very fresh. Once out ot steamer, I was eager to serve and forgot about the camera.

I also made a pot of nonya curry and shared the dish with my filipino friend. We had gone out to distribute the Powerlab camp forms to schools. My friend has 4 school going boys and she has just settled here a year ago. This friend of mine is also a housewife and she is very talented in sewing and craftworks. She prepares the craftwork for nursery children in our Sunday School. I am glad my friend and her sons enjoyed the curry.
Nonya Chicken

My daughter asked me what's the theme of my dinner? I was taken aback. No, this is not seafood or Nonya theme, maybe it should be Freshness theme, because both dishes are prepared from fresh produce bought from the wet market, and not supermarket which I usually go.

Just received an email updating the progress of our flyers distribution. We have received calls from parents who are interested in sending their children to Sunday school and Powerlab camp in November. Thank you lord for opening the hearts of these parents and I pray many more will come forward to hear Your Word. I know we have to trust and have faith in you to help us and guide us do your work. Amen.                            

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