Tuesday 4 September 2012


This paella recipe was obtained from a Spanish restaurant chef. I have attended a one day Spanish food introduction course organised by the local community centre. The chef demonstrated 3 dishes.
The first dish he cooked was this paella,second dish was Gambas al Ajilo(Garlic Prawn) and last dish Calamares a la Pancha(freshly Grilled Squid with Olive Oil).
I have cooked this paella many times, sometimes with bomba rice, other times with sushi or calrose rice.
I bought bomba rice from Mâché restaurant.

Paella Valencia(36cm pan)
Bomba rice 320g
extra virgin oil 40ml
red capsicum 50ml
tomato dice 40g
ground almond 10g
dried parsley 5g
chicken leg boneless(cut into cubes) 150g
Spanish Chorizo Sausages 35g sliced
prawns 8pcs
squid ring 80g
half shell mussels 8pcs
chicken stock 1L
sweet paprika powder 3g
saffron 0.5g
green peas 90g
salt and pepper to taste

1 heat up the paella pan with olive oil
2 sauteed the onions,tomato,red and green capsicum and ground almond for few minutes.
3 add in squid,chicken,prawn,mussels and sauteed it until half cook
4 remove and set aside prawns and mussels.
5 add in rice into the pan and sauteed for 3minute
6 add in the stock and let it boil,medium heat
7 add in paprika,salt,saffron,dried parsley and pepper
8 uncovered until the rice is almost dry
9 put the prawn,mussels,chorizo and green pea with foil and low heat. Let sit 5-10mins,until rice is cooked.

Note: picture shows paella cooked in sushi rice, I omitted mussels and chorizo. only yellow capsicum. Green
peas served as side.I usually prepare food from whatever ingredients I have in the fridge and larder. I don't go out to buy ingredients just for the dish.

Yesterday, I was at a shopping mall library distributing this flyer. My church has been organising this children outreach camp for the past 6 years and we always receive good response from the neighbourhood. One of the reasons could be the low fee of $15 inclusive of 3 lunches, teas and a T-shirt. Another reason could be because these children are from dual income family, the parents are busy working and what better place to send their kids during school holiday than to a church. Whatever reasons they may be, I'm glad they have spent a meaningful holdiay knowing Jesus. Most of them are unchurched.
My role is a shepherd to them. There will be 12 children under me and I lead them to various activities like songs and praises,crafts,games and speech and drama. I will also have an assistant shepherd to help me.
This year we have increased the fee to $20 and there's buses to bring the kids to camp.The Lord has kept me to serve every year and it has been a fun and rewarding experience for me. It warms my heart to know of children who are in church for the first time, singing praises to God. Most importantly, they get to learn God's Word and know Jesus.
This year, the camp is on the 21st Novemeber to 23rd. We are expecting 200+ children. Urgent prayers are needed for more volunteers to come forward and good response from the flyers distribution.

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