Friday 23 January 2015

This Is Good

The method for making a hot milk sponge cake has been around for a long time. It is an old fashioned method which involves adding melted butter and hot milk into the cake batter. This results in light and airy, and higher rise and finer sponge.

Bake Along #74 - Hot Milk Cakes with Strawberry and Cream.  I'm baking along with hosts Zoe of Bake For Happy Kids, Lena of Frozen Wings, Joyce of Kitchen Flavours, and other baking enthusiasts in this blog hop.

Hot Milk Cakes with Strawberry and Cream

serves 4
Adapted from Bon Appetit with modifications in red

2 small eggs
1/3 cup sugar + 1/4 cup
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon self raising flour
1/3 cup whole milk
40g unsalted butter
200g strawberries, hulled, thinly sliced lengthwise
100g whipping cream
1/2 tablespoon of home made vanilla sugar


  • Preheat oven to 425F (180C). Line brownie pan with greaseproof paper(12" x 8")
  • Using electric mixer,beat eggs in medium bowl at high speed until thick, about 3 minutes.
  • Gradually beat in 1/3 cup sugar,beat until thick and pale yellow, about 1 minute longer. Beat in 1/4 tsp vanilla.
  • Add flour and beat 30 seconds.
  • Bring milk and butter just to boil in small saucepan, stirring until butter melts.
  • Add hot milk mixture to batter; beat until blended and smooth, about 30 seconds.
  • Pour mixture into prepared pan.
  • Bake till pale golden, about 18 minutes.

  • Toss strawberries and remaining 1/4 cup sugar in medium bowl to coat; let stand 20 minutes for juices to form.
  • Using electric mixer,beat cream and vanilla sugar in another bowl until peaks form.

  • Trim and slice cake into 8 pieces. Assemble cakes just before serving

Cake is soft and moist, sweetness just right. Delicious with whipped cream.

This is good, and pleases God our Saviour  who wants all men to  be saved and to come to a knowledge of truth.   1 Timothy 2:3-4


  1. Hi Lian,
    Your hot milk cake looks fluffy soft ^-^!
    Think I will try baking this recipe another time using a baking tray instead of individual cupcake liners.

  2. Your cake turns out lovely!
    Great idea to bake them in a baking pan and slice to assemble. Love it that you served it with lots of strawberries!

  3. I agree with you. This is GOOD! I like the idea of using a baking pan. Thanks Lian!

  4. Lian, this looks really good!!!

  5. good evening lian! initially i thot of using a round pan to bake them..then i was thinking whether how should i cut them after that...then later decided use to use the muffin pan. Always like your presentation, like something served from a posh restaurant! :D

  6. I like your version best, as I can really see the crumbs from your photos…great shots!

  7. Hi Lian,

    I like your cake. It is a good idea to bake this cake in a rectangle pan too. I reckon that this recipe is fantastic!


  8. This looks amazing! I have always wanted to make a cake like this, but have never got around to it.


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