Sunday 15 September 2013

Follow My Example

Don't be alarm if you find this roast too raw. It is rare and this is how we like our beef. I have misplaced my meat thermometer and it was hard to tell the doneness. I decided to do it rare because I can always reheat it if someone wants it more cooked and also not everyone eats at the same time.(although there were just 3 )  I prefer to cook it this way because once beef is overcooked, there is no way you can save it.

Ever since I saw the episode of  "Rancher'sDinner" from the Pioneer Woman show, I have been wanting to try the way her husband Ladd seasoned and cooked the beef. On the show, Ladd Drummond seasoned the beef tenderloin with Lawry's seasoned salt, Lemon and Pepper seasoning and cracked black pepper. The roast which was placed on a large aluminium pan was then given a melted butter 'bath' by the Pioneer Woman. The pan was then placed on a barbecue to roast. On her website, Ree has the same seasoning but the beef is done differently. She sears the tenderloin on a hot pan and rubs crack mixed peppercorns on the beef.  Then she put small slabs of butter all over the roast before leaving it in an hot oven to finish cooking.

When my cowboy army boy son (older son) called and said he will be home for dinner, I was delighted. He has been complaining the bland camp food he is eating everyday.This will be a treat for him. It took me less than 20 minutes to get the beef done. I have prepared two sides, Twice Baked Potatoes and Corn Casseroles and there was also my left over Iceberg lettuce with Homemade Ranch Dressing.  Both of the sides are also featured on the show.

  I wish this cut is more affordable so I can cook it the Pioneer Woman's way again and again and again.

Roast Beef Tenderloin
Pioneer Woman Cooks
serve 6

4 to 5 lbs beef Tenderloin
4 tablespoons salted butter, or more to taste
1/3 cup peppercorns, more or less to taste
lawry's seasoned salt
lemon Pepper Seasoning
olive oil;


  • Preheat oven to 475F.
  • Rinse meat well. Trim away some of the fat to remove the silvery cartilage underneath. With a very sharp knife,begin taking the Fat off the top, revealing the silver cartilage underneath. You definitely don't want to take every last bit of fat off - not at all. As with any cut of meat, a little bit of fat adds to the flavor.(mine was already trimmed)
  • Sprinkle meat generously with Lawry's. You can much more liberally season a tenderloin, because you're having to pack more of a punch in order for the seasoning to make an impact. Start with Lawry's seasoned Salt. Rub it in with your fingers. Sprinkle both sides generously with lemon & lemon seasoning. (there is no measurements because it depends on your taste, but be sure to season liberally.)
  • Place the peppercorns in a ziploc bag, and with a mallet or a hammer or a large, heavy can, begin smashing the peppercorns to break them up a bit. Set aside.
  • Heat some olive oil in a heavy skillet. When the oil is to the smoking point, place the tenderloin in the very hot pan to sear it. Throw a couple of tablespoons of butter into the skillet to give it a nice little butter injection before going in the oven. A minute or two later, when one is starting to turn nice and brown, flip and repeat.
  • Place the tenderloin on an oven pan with a rack. Sprinkle the pummeled peppercorns all over the meat. Press the pepper onto the surface of the meat. Put several tablespoons of butter all over the meat. Stick the long needle of the thermometer lengthwise into the meat. Place it in a 475F oven until the temperature reaches just under 140F, about 15 to 20 minutes. Stay near the oven and keep checking checking the meat thermometer to make it doesn't overcook.
  • Let meat stand ten minutes or so before slicing, so the meat will have a chance to relax a bit.
  • To serve, you can spoon the olive oil/butter juices from the skillet onto the top of the meat for a little extra flavor.
Note: My tenderloin is 600g for 3 servings.

This post is linked to Pioneer Woman ' Ree Drummond' hosted by Zoe from Bake For happy kids,
Baby Sumo from Eat Your Heart Out and Mich from Piece of Cake.

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ. 1 Corinthians 11:1


  1. Hi Lian,

    Please pardon me for my opinion. Being a non-meat person, I do feel that your beef roast is a little raw for my liking... and prefer the well done kind :p

    When comes to beef cooking, I reckon it is all depending on personal preferences :D


    1. Hi Zoe, I hope my scarily raw chunk of meat didn't turn you off from reading my future meat posts. I did zap it in the microwave a few minutes when serving.

  2. Lian, with all that butter over the beef, I'm sure it would taste really good. It's smart to undercook it rather than overcook your beef since everyone has different preferences on how rare or well done they like their beef. I'm sure your son love it alot in comparison with the bland army food ;)

    1. Yes, Grace. There's nothing like home;))

  3. Your steak looks good! I am not a steak person, but this sure looks good from the screen.

  4. I can smell them right now!!! YUM.

  5. Hi Lian, we love our beef medium rare here, so your beef is definitely looking good to me :) You can try rib eye for roasting too, a bit more affordable than tenderloin and much more flavorful.

  6. Everybody...this is not the same recipe that Ladd cooked on the show. Why can't his recipe and the way he made his tenderloin be posted. Even Ree Drummond will not post it. Why?

  7. Anonymous, oh, thought I have the right recipe from Ree Drummond herself. I know the method of cooking is different from the show.

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