Saturday 24 November 2012


I had roti prata last night after coming back from Powerlab camp. These roti pratas are from a very famous stall, once voted the best. The pratas are small and fluffy and it is really delicious. We can have roti pratas any time of the day. Some like to have it for breakfast, others like to have pratas for supper. We also ordered the chicken curry which was very good.

Pratas are very high in calories and each prata has about 212 calories. Pratas are basically made of flour, oil(ghee) and egg. There are many varieties of pratas like egg prata, cheese prata, onion prata, chocolate prata, but I prefer mine plain.

I have done some research on making your own pratas at home and will be very soon attempt to make my own pratas at home.

Powerlab 2nd Day

Jesus gives us the power to be BRAVE!, AHA! It was the second day of Powerlab camp and the campers already knew the 2 bible  points and verses. Memory verse is from Psalms 56:3

Bible blast is from Matthew 14:29, Peter walks on water towards Jesus. When Peter takes his eyes off Jesus, he begins to sink. In his fear, Peter cries out to Him.  When we go through difficult, faith-testing circumstances and if we fixed our eyes on Jesus, He can carry us through the storm.

Operation Kid-to Kid

The campers designed two book marks based on the two bible points they have learnt. The book marks were inserted inside the socks and strung on the main sanctuary.
These socks will be given to a mission home supported by a church in Hamilton, New Zealand

Day Three

Jesus gives us the power to Live Forever!, AHA! That's where we want to be if we believe in Him. Memory verse is

Each and every child wrote their sins invisibly and prayed and asked to receive Jesus in their hearts.

We want to thank God for these children, who expressed their wish to attend Sunday School to learn more about Jesus. They have attended this camp and learnt Jesus' miraculous power and they want to experience His love and grow in His way.

Popcorn treats and ice ball treats for the children during tea break and kids having fun during games.Some of the crafts we made are  test tube key chain, lighted heart paper plate, origami windmills. The campers also made their own ice cream in a bag and had fun eating the ice cream they made.

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